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The Mechanics’ Harvest Festival

VETERAMA Mannheim is the traditional highlight of the mechanics’ season and this year will be opening its doors for the 42nd time on 7–9 October. With 260,000 square metres of open grounds and 15,000 square metres of hall area on the Mannheim May Market, Europe’s largest antique car marketplace for motoring fans will be inviting about 4000 exhibitors and over 45,000 aficionados to take a hunt around – above all for the rare or curious appealing to those with petrol in their blood.

“Whether it’s parts for a classical Ford, an old Porsche, or even the rare Miele bike, you will find them here at VETERAMA,” promised Winfried Seidel, organiser and father of VETERAMA. And like every year before, the Mechanics’ Harvest Festival never fails to write yet another chapter to its own, quite special success story: Here, an original Bugatti gearbox appears among countless motorcycle parts, there the engine of a legendary Porsche 550 Spyder “Carrera Panamericana” changes hands – only VETERAMA can transport gems like these, long believed lost, back into daylight.

At the same time, visitors may expect far more than just a parts market and vehicle fair. In addition to the entire vehicle market, also the Show Arena presents a huge antique car and modern classic exhibition covering the whole spectrum of classic car passion from the unadulterated original to the top restored museum piece. And there are breathtaking, death- and gravity-defying feats by the wall of death rider Henny Kroeze and his team.

Highlight for moped fans

One special highlight at this year’s VETERAMA will appeal to petroil fans: In a contemporary setting, the Moped Garage will be presenting the history of the moped and, ultimately, the road to affordable mobility. Exhibits from all epochs narrate the evolution of the moped from the origins to the glittering heyday of The Miracle on the Rhine, and the introduction of the crash helmet, the obligatory driving licence, dedicated specialist magazines, and market trends are presented together with the social and economic significance of this lightweight motorcycle.

Winfried Seidel is convinced: “It’s the mix that does it! Or the concept of parts and mechanics’ market, vehicle fair, museum, and entertainment that makes VETERAMA the most traditional event in the scene’s calendar.”

Don’t miss the highlight of Europe’s antique car and modern classic scene!

This year too, the insider ticket admits hunters and gatherers of particularly coveted parts to both events as well as the last setting-up day on Friday, 7 October.

VETERAMA Mannheim – where the scene meets.


Price and admission times

Day ticket:   €12.00 (for Saturday or Sunday only)
€10.00 (for pupils and students only)
Family ticket:   €20.00 (Sunday)
(parents with two children of 15 years or younger)
Combined ticket:   €18.00 (2 days Sa, Su)
Insider ticket:   €25.00 (3 days Fr, Sa, Su)
(only the insider ticket admits the bearer on Friday from 12 noon)

Children of 15 years or younger are admitted free of charge!

Escorts of wheelchair users are admitted free of charge.

All admission tickets can also be bought on site on the day.

Admission times

Friday:   12:00 noon to 8:00 pm (insider ticket)
Saturday:   8:30 am to 6:00 pm
Sunday:   8:30 am to 4:00 pm

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