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“We need to make a decision now!” That’s how it’s been at our meetings every week.


Unfortunately, we are living in a time when decisions like these are having to be made somewhere every day. In fact, we have always said that VETERAMA can only take place again when almost everything can be the way VETERAMA has always been.


After careful consideration of the current situation, we have come to the conclusion that it would be irresponsible to maintain the VETERAMA event scheduled for 8-10 October 2021.


Here are a few reasons for our decision:


Incidence figures are currently rising by about 30% daily in comparison with the previous week. Intensive care bed occupancy has doubled in a short period of time.

The number of vaccination refusers is still disappointingly high.

So far, the responsible authorities are not in a position to grant us a permit or even to hold out the prospect of one.

With approximately 25% of our exhibitors and visitors coming from abroad, it is not possible to predict how this will affect VETERAMA given the way that Covid is currently developing.

The current hygiene protocol would have meant that around a third of the stands in the outdoor area would have to have been removed.


There are already exhibitors who are cancelling their stand bookings due to the uncertainty of the situation. It is therefore impossible for us to estimate how many exhibitors would actually set up their stands and how many visitors would actually travel to Mannheim. This poses the risk that vendors and visitors would go home disappointed. The damage to the image of the “VETERAMA” brand name would be considerable.


In the face of all these issues there is barely any argument for continuing with our plans.


We would like to apologize to all those whom we have disappointed with our decision. We would like to thank everyone who has shown understanding for our decision. And we would especially like to thank our customers who have called us over the last few weeks and with whom we have been able to talk in detail about the situation.


So let’s wait a little longer until we can once again hit the ground running for our two VETERAMA dates in 2022.


We will send you the registration documents for 2022 in October.


Keep well!


The Seidel family

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