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VETERAMA 2022 from 29 April to 1 May

“A spring awakening at the Hockenheimring”

It was in fact a complete restart after a two-year pause.


Suppliers of printed materials and stickers practically did not exist any more. Helpers who had once been available to the organisation were suddenly in other jobs or had reached the pensionable age.


Now, we can finally say “we did it”.


All the exhibition stands have been assigned, barring a few stragglers and new applicants. Though of course, there are a few spaces for late deciders – it’s a VETERAMA tradition, after all.

VETERAMA ticket presales have begun and our organisers have been assigned to their spots.

The gates of VETERAMA will be opened on time on 29 April.


“A particular delicacy”: traders will be obliged to take to the track before they reach their exhibition spot.

For visitors, there are over 20,000 parking spaces, and they will be brought to the ticket offices by historic shuttle buses.


Our telephone conversations suggest that VETERAMA will be a great reunion, with the car restoration scene finally able to meet again.

Finally, we will be able to delve into replacement parts lists and choose chrome and rust like there’s no tomorrow.

Finally, we can look a dealer in the eye when settling on a price.

At the VETERAMA marketplace and at many dealers’ stands, we will once again find cars needing a new owner, shining in chrome and paint, found in some garage or barn, which have been brought back to life after many years.


So off we go to Hockenheim.

Where the old-timer and young-timer scenes meet.

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