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VETERAMA Mannheim on the May Market grounds from 7 to 9 October 2022

Press release

After the enforced pause of the last two years, the market for classic and veteran cars is once again raring to go.

Exhibitor spaces for this autumn’s Veterama, which has traditionally been held on the second weekend in October at the May Market grounds for 49 years, are filling up day by day. It is already clear that the exhibitor area of Veterama will be full when the gates let in visitors to Europe’s largest classic and veteran car market. That is when dealers and visitors from all over the world will once again meet up in the city where the automobile was invented 137 years ago.

However, two-wheelers from all eras of production will also be represented. After all, Karl Friedrich Drais laid the foundations for the development of private transport in Mannheim in 1817 with the first ride on his wooden “running machine”. His “draisine” is regarded as the earliest form of today’s bicycle. Many people have devoted themselves to preserving these contemporary witnesses of “mobilisation” for posterity.

Sadly, there are no statistics on how many vehicles have been restored and are still roadworthy on account of Veterama. There are probably countless vehicles that have their own stories to tell. There are also no records of how many people have found a fascinating hobby thanks to Veterama.

One thing is certain, however, and that is that at this market for classic and veteran cars, countless friendships that usually last a lifetime have been made. This is because especially when you like tinkering with motors, you need the right connections whenever the work on your own vehicle comes to a standstill. This is why Veterama has long since become the most important networking event for “the rustiest hobby in the world”, according to Winfried Seidel. It was he who, together with Walter Metz, had the idea of bringing this event to life more than 50 years ago.

At present, many exhibitors are sorting through the parts they will be offering in Mannheim and preparing them for sale. Visitors are already compiling lists of all the parts they are looking for so they can continue their restoration work during the winter months.

However, there will also be plenty of opportunities for anyone seeking a new challenge or for newcomers who would like to try their hand at a well-preserved classic “vehicle for pensioners”. At the Veterama “market place”, there will once again be several hundred vehicles all waiting for a new owner. For the most part, they are still quite inexpensive; however, such vehicles can quickly become high-priced collector’s items.

So off to Mannheim, the city of Benz and Drais, for this autumn’s Veterama from 7 to 9 October 2022!

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