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VETERAMA Hockenheim 29.4.2022 – 1.5.2022 – We’re going back to the starting line!

VETERAMA has now been cancelled four times, provoking withdrawal symptoms in some classic car fans. We have clearly felt this in some of the phone calls we have had.   You can’t really get on in the workshop because you don’t have certain vital parts. You miss meeting friends who could give you the right tip at just the right moment.   Two years with no VETERAMA! Something is simply missing from the calendar.   For us here in the VETERAMA office it is almost like starting from scratch and of course there are a few questions:   “Will all the people who help us with the organisation still be available on site?” “Will the covid traffic light stay green?” “Will as many vaccine sceptics as possible finally decide to take up the offer of vaccination?” “What other changes and […]

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“We need to make a decision now!” That’s how it’s been at our meetings every week.

Unfortunately, we are living in a time when decisions like these are having to be made somewhere every day. In fact, we have always said that VETERAMA can only take place again when almost everything can be the way VETERAMA has always been.

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VETERAMA Hockenheim 2021 Cancellation

“It can’t get any worse” When we had to cancel our Spring VETERAMA in 2020, we were firmly convinced that this Coronavirus menace would be over by our Autumn VETERAMA 2020. When we were not allowed to meet for our traditional VETERAMA gathering in Mannheim on the second weekend in October due to Covid, despite all the disappointment we remained hopeful for 2021. So with this hope in our hearts we sent our exhibitors the registration documents for Hockenheim and Mannheim. And now…we have been faced with another difficult decision. But according to all the information we have received so far from the responsible authorities, and according to the decisions of the Federal-Länder-Conference of 3rd March, we cannot expect to be granted permits for major events this spring. No decision on the approval of VETERAMA Hockenheim is expected before 23rd […]

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Dear friends of VETERAMA, VETERAMA Hockenheim: 23rd – 25th April 2021 VETERAMA Mannheim: 8th – 10th October 2021 Our exhibitors will shortly be receiving their registration documents for 2021. Please register by the “regular spot” deadline as usual. Your direct debit mandate and registration are completely risk-free for you. We will only present the direct debit request to the bank once we have received official approval to go ahead with the VETERAMA event and can evaluate the coronavirus pandemic risk. We wish you all the best, good health and just a little more patience until our next VETERAMA meeting. “We’ll make it work” The Seidel family

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VETERAMA 9th – 11th October 2020 cancelled

Dear friends of VETERAMA,

We are very sorry to have to give you this news, but we believe that as the organiser of such a big event we have a serious responsibility, in particular with regard to our exhibitors and visitors as well as to our staff and all service providers.

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