Henny Kroeze und die Steilwandshow

Henny Kroeze und die Steilwandshow auf der VETERAMA

Es gab eine Zeit in der Steilwandfahrer die große Attraktion auf Jahrmärkten waren. Mitten auf dem Rummelplatz stand eine gigantische Tonne, die aus Holzbrettern zusammengefügt war. Mit lauter Stimme wurden die Akteure unter dem Lärm einer dröhnenden Maschine dem Publikum vorgestellt, das sich bereits vor der Holztonne eingefunden hatte. Die Stimme in den krächzenden Trichterlautsprecher wurde immer lauter und das dröhnen der Motoren wurde ohrenbetäubend... die Menschen strömten auf die obere Etage der Steilwandarena.

Dann wurde es still um die Steilwandfahrer. Es gibt nur noch wenige von diesen tollkühnen Männern die es beherrschen, in atemberaubender Geschwindigkeit Schwerkraft durch Fliehkraft an der Steilwand zu ersetzen.

Henny Kroeze aus Holland ist einer von ihnen. An einer Steilwand aus dem Jahr 1936 zeigt er auf einem alten Indian Motorrad sein akrobatisches Können. Das Talent hat Henny offensichtlich an seine Tochter vererbt. Auch sie klebt ihre Indian inzwischen an die steile Wand.

Veterama hat diese alte Rummelplatzattraktion zurück geholt und präsentiert gegen einen kleinen Eintritt Henny Kroeze und die Steilwandshow am Veterama Wochenende in Mannheim.

Wir wünschen Ihnen viel Spaß bei dieser spektakulären Show.

(Die Zeiten der Shows sind ausgehängt)

Steilwandshow auf der VETERAMA

Veterama Mannheim 2015 - 40 years - Thank you!!!

We thank all exhibitors and visitors for a great anniversary event!

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Show Arena Mannheim 2015


10. und 11. Oktober 2015

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VETERAMA Mannheim - This is where the scene
  • Europe's largest classic car market for car + motorcycle
  • From 10 to 12 October 2014
  • The mecca for vintage and classic scene
  • For the first time with Show Arena - vintage car exhibition
  • The Insider Ticket (3 day ticket) allows entry already on Friday, October 10, 2014
  • Advance ticket sales online is possible

"Whether you are looking for parts for your Ford, Opel, Porsche, Mercedes Benz, VW, Harley, Zündapp or for your Miele bike, on the VETERAMA you find it! Dealers and buyers from all over the world travel to Europe in the largest classic car show. With around 45,000 visitors and 4,000 exhibitors, it creates the VETERAMA later in the year for the 39th time an incredible offer on 260,000 square meters display. The mecca for vintage car enthusiasts.

From 10 to 12 October 2014, here meets the screwing guild and covers up for the workshop and garage time with components and complete vehicles. VETERAMA offers a unique flair and manages to bring the customer to the buyer and vice versa. Believed lost parts and classic dive here suddenly again. This incredible diversity that is the charm of VETERAMA ...

While the price spiral for classic cars in high price segment of the noble classics inexorably screwed up, the vintage and classic cars at the scene VETERAMA remains affordable. The motto of the VETERAMA is: What you do not get here, you do not need!
Nevertheless, it is observed that the more high-priced segment of the vintage has long since discovered that even their "garage gold" must be maintained and preserved. Popular destination for early-motorists is the French Corner on Field 1. There, the brass era in automobile has its regular place.

Vintage and classic cars, motorcycles, clubs, IG's, spare parts, bicycles, models, literature, automotive, clothing catering services, workshop outfitter, body shops, auction houses, tool dealers, tire dealers, accessories ... and who all spare parts on several occasions for his vehicle in has lie shelf, for it is high time to looking for a new challenge. About 1,000 vehicles, mainly from the generation of classic cars will be available again on the VETERAMA marketplace this year. Many vehicles that you can still buy quite inexpensive now and maybe in a few years to "garage Gold" could be so.
But at many booths of exhibitors 4000 VETERAMA there are countless two- and four-wheeled rarities complete the most part still waiting for their revival. True to the motto "Seek and ye shall find."

For the first time there will be a show arena this year, in the midst of approximately 260,000 square meters VETERAMA site in Mannheim. There can be pre-registered and selected vehicles, which must be at least 40 years old, are presented to the VETERAMA audience.

The Service Depot parts can be stored free of charge and will be picked up on bail by car then directly to the event site.

In the Benz Mannheim VETERAMA has long been the center of the scene. And have been for almost 40 years, as early as 2015 in Mannheim VETERAMA celebrates its 40th anniversary with the slogan "40 Years and still going old men"

Whether you buy, trade, sell or just want to keep only car talk, VETERAMA provides the ideal platform.

The regular opening times are Friday: 12-20 Clock (only with insider ticket), Saturday 8:30 - 18 clock and Sunday from 8:30 bis 16 clock. Tickets are available in advance on the homepage.

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