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VETERAMA now is the same as VETERAMA before.

With VETERAMA restarting at the Hockenheimring racetrack, and following a two-year break due to the coronavirus, we have already switched the gears of the VETERAMA gearbox to the autumn VETERAMA in Mannheim.


All the regular spaces that have been rebooked are unchanged and stands are available.

The special requests are now being processed and the new applications will follow.

Everything is therefore back to normal. For our exhibitors, this also means that they can start preparing the items for their stand at the autumn VETERAMA, on the second weekend in October, in plenty of time.


A touch more shine on chrome-plated parts or polished brass definitely has the effect of promoting sales.

Even cleaned engines, transmissions or axle parts are likely to impress prospective buyers.

Of course, it is important to bring your beautifully-tended vehicle out of the garage again for the many classic car events that are now on the calendar.

We have had enough time to prepare thoroughly for the newly-won freedom.


It is really busy once again at the Dr. Carl Benz car Automotive Museum. We are going all out to prepare for our traditional “Carl Benz Classic” event and our museum festival on 2 and 3 July.

And things are progressing so well at Marcel Seidel’s Automobilia auctions that he is already complaining about the lack of staff.


The classic car and youngtimer scene is obviously back to full speed again.

So, the only hope remaining is that a virological brake booster controlled by experts will not mean stop and go once more.


Let’s all enjoy the summer with plenty of classic car and youngtimer driving. We are already looking forward to the second weekend in October in Mannheim when VETERAMA opens its doors again.


By the way…don’t forget to allow time for making a list of all the parts you are looking for.


Winfried A. Seidel

And the VETERAMA Team



This will also be the title for our information sheets in the future.

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