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VETERAMA Mannheim 2017 - Round-Up

Season Opening on the Hockenheimring

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VETERAMA Oldtimer-Markt Hockenheimring 20183 days of brilliant sunshine with temperatures above 25 °C accompanied the screw-drivers‘ start into the 2018 old-timer season. Besides unusually many motorized two-wheelers, visitors could observe clearly more sellers of pre-war parts for cars than in previous years. Just one “pre-war booth” alone offered two obviously flawless motor blocks for BMW 326/327/328 models for moderately priced 1.500 Euro. And even a motor block and some other parts for the Horch 830, a very interesting car from a construction point of view, were offered (and most likely be sold).

There were also several retailers from France who brought their collections of early days car parts. Traditionally the brands most often to be found in the car section in front of the pits are VW, Mercedes-Benz, and Opel.
VETERAMA Oldtimer-Markt Hockenheimring 2018
On the other hand, motorcycle brands were dominated by Japanese engines from the sixties and seventies. But there, too, many engines from the twenties and thirties were on offer. Surprisingly low prices were asked for a lot of engines from the early fifties. Several Horex, restored and unrestored, BMWs, DKWs, and NSU were looking for new owners.

The newly designed club scene in the pit hall 2 was very well received. Here for the first time, the most important clubs of the German old-timer scene had established a joint “VETERAMA Club Lounge” with a true coffee house atmosphere. “A great idea...” was the impression not only of club representatives, but also of the interested guests in the club lounge.

At the booth of the Technik Museum Sinsheim in the outdoor area 1, visitors could admire a beautiful patinized Kramer tractor which also drove a couple of rounds within this area. On Saturday Hermann Layher, the museum’s CEO, presented his Mercedes-Benz type S.

VETERAMA Oldtimer-Markt Hockenheimring 2018On April 7 pure racing atmosphere was created by the DRX (German Rallye Cross) cars in the famous Sachs bend of the Hockenheimring. Especially for the VETERAMA visitors, the DRX drivers had put their test driving on this day. At the site behind the glass pavilion the race driver Michael Bartels exhibited several of his race cars.

The moped garage had some “hot” vehicles on display, which were presented by attractive girls. As in previous years, visitors with cars older than 25 years could exhibit these in the VETERAMA show arena. More than 400 cars filled the famous Hockenheimring crossbar.

And once again the VETERAMA marketplace was a place for true finds and some bargains, mostly of cars from the young-timer scene.
Here are some examples:

  • A Porsche 911, 3.6 l motor, for 69.900 Euro
  • A Ford Thunderbird Roadster 1955, for 49.900 Euro
  • A Porsche 3 l Coupé from 1978 for a price “to be negotiated”

There were also several Mercedes-Benz 124 models which now slowly enter the young-timer age. VETERAMA Oldtimer-Markt Hockenheimring 2018Here is one example: for a well-kept vehicle from 1986 the owner was asking for 5.500 Euro. Compared to this, another 124 model with sunroof (and old-timer license) was very reasonably priced at 2.600 Euro.

A Corvette from 1970, with a beautiful leaf-green colour and cleanly worked matching leather seats was price tagged at 50.000 Euro, a nice Fiat Neckar from 1956 at 6.500 Euro. There also was a Mercedes-Benz W124 with an extended wheelbase and six doors, in pretty good shape, for 9.900 Euro. Considering that most prices at VETERAMA are negotiable, there will have been quite a few well pleased buyers.

All in all, the marketplace presented about 350 more or less historic cars. In addition, there were many offers at the retailers’ booths, these mostly for two-wheelers.

On Saturday evening the band “BC and Friends” entertained retailers and visitors in our catering tent.

On Sunday at 4 pm, as soon as the loudspeakers announced the end of this year’s spring VETERAMA, the huge DTM trucks were ready to be unloaded. Even before the last pits were vacated, the first DTM bolides were wheeling to their places.

We hope to see you again at the VETERAMA in Mannheim on the second weekend in October, from October 12 to 14, 2018.

Yours sincerely

Veterama - Winfried Seidel

Winfried A. Seidel

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